Modbus Monitor XPF 

User's Guide

Modbus Monitor XPF application allows communication using a Windows-based Personal Computer to Modbus devices. The application is distributed in the Microsoft Store and can be downloaded from The application can be downloaded and installed on a trial basis to try the features before purchasing the full license.

 The Modbus Monitor XPF application contains two applications in one. The application contains Modbus Client and Modbus Server.  In addition, the application supports Serial and TCP protocol options for each option. 

This guide helps you start the essential operation and covers some advanced scripting commands for purchased applications.

Main UI

The Main Screen is divided into three parts (1)  Control Panel  (2) Navigation Panel (3) Monitor Point List Table

Home Tab






Monitor Points - Columns

Modbus Client (Tab)

The Modbus Master or Client Mode (tab) polls remote Modbus TCP or RTU devices and displays data in the selected format.

Interface - Settings


Time Out - Modbus Packets Timing

Write - Modbus Write Function Codes Settings

Scanner - Settings

Poll remote server to discover new Modbus Addresses or build Modbus Map for devices without public Modbus Maps.



Writes current Modbus Maps to a remote server by sending a write request for each Monitor Point in the Modbus Map list.  Be careful using this feature when using critical systems, as it may operate unintendedly.


Clears the data in the Value Columns before starting the poll. 


Modbus Server or Slave can simulate devices. The Modbus Server can be started simultaneously on both Interfaces (TCP and Serial).

TCP Section (Modbus/TCP or UDP server)

Serial Section (Modbus RTU)

Note: Modbus RTU Server can start on multiple COM ports simultaneously. 

Server (Start/Stop) 

Capture (Modbus Maps Wizard)

Modbus Sniff

Sniffs Modbus Map traffic and automatically builds Modbus Maps when Clients are making requests to this Server. This is a great feature to use when Modbus Maps are unknown or not available from Manufacturers.